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About Our Wristbands

WristBand VIP™ provides you with the same high quality wristbands used by clubs and events worldwide.

What Wristband VIP™ Offers

Wristband VIP™ provides you with conveniently packaged wristbands in a variety of colors. Each pack includes 10 of the most popular wristbands used at bars, clubs, & events worldwide. Our 10 color variety packs are offered in Tyvek (paper) and in vinyl/plastic wristband packages.

Custom Wristbands

If you do not find the wristbands you are looking for, and need a particular color or custom designed wristband, let us know, and we will do our best to get it for you.

WristBand VIP™ has it all!

We now offer you the complete UV Stamp Kit including 7 of the most popular stamp designs used by bars and nightclubs around the world. It includes a UV light, UV ink, ink pad, and a UV ink pen to draw your own design. This is truly the best kit available on the market today.